1-Day online Korean Beginner Level Class Ticket

1-Day online Korean Beginner Level Class Ticket

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This is a one day Korean class that will introduce you to beginner level concepts. It is a great introduction for students who are just starting to learn Korean and wish to take the first few steps in mastering the language. 

The goals of this class are:

  • Introduction to the Alphabet

  • Introduction to Numbers

  • Introduction to vocabulary and grammar

Materials: A few days before the class starts you will get an email with a pdf of our beginner level study material that you can use to practice Korean during and outside of class! You may also want to have a notebook and pen on hand to take notes. 

Schedule and Format

Date: Friday 6pm to 8pm, 07/17/2020

The class will be held online using Zoom. Once your class payment is received we will email you a confirmation along with the online link for the class. 

We look forward to seeing you there!