About Us / FAQ


Hello and welcome to our Korean language school! KoreanIsAwesome was founded with the intention of bringing high quality Korean language education to students in the New York area. We have a lot of experience in teaching Korean which is why we know that practice is very important when it comes to mastering the language. That is why we foster an interactive and social environment in all our classes. We want our students to have fun learning Korean by using their newly found skills with each other as much as possible. Our classes are very comfortable and our instructors make sure that everyone is learning to the best of their abilities!

Currently we are offering beginner level 1 and beginner level 2 courses.

The many goals that our instructors have for beginner level 1 students are:

  • To learn how to read and write hangul ㄱㄴㄷㄹㅁㅂㅅㅇㅈㅊㅋㅌㅍㅎ ㅏㅑㅓㅕㅗㅛㅜㅠㅡㅣ
  • To learn the number and counting system.
  • To learn common greetings, introductions, shopping in Korean and directions.
  • To study basic grammar.
  • To build a vocabulary base for more conversation in Korean.

Beginner level 2 students are expected to be comfortable with the Korean alphabet. Instructors at this level will focus more on further building vocabulary and on the use of more advanced sentence structure such as:

  • 뭐 해요? 어디에 가요?
  • 있다 / 없다. 
  • 몇 시예요?
  • 어제 / 주말에 뭘 했어요?
  • 은/는 어디에 있어요? 있다 / 없다.

How to register for a class?

You can register for a class by purchasing a registration ticket for any of the available schedules you see under the Korean classes section. By purchasing the ticket you are reserving your spot in that classroom for the entirety of course which is usually around 8 weeks. As soon as you purchase the ticket you will receive a confirmation email with all the information you need. We find this to be a very comfortable purchasing process because it allows students to sign up with the click of a button.

Where are the classes located?

The majority of our classes are held in Manhattan. To find the specific location of a class look in the description of the registration ticket or on the bottom of the home page.

What do I need to bring to the class?

A few days before the class starts you will get an email with a pdf of our beginner level study material that you can use to practice Korean during and outside of class. Any other necessary materials such as quizzes and homework will be provided to you by your instructor. Just make sure to bring a pen and paper for any notes you need to take.

How many students in a group class?

Group classes may contain anywhere from 5 to 8 students. We feel that this is the optimal range of students to have in order to study Korean effectively in a group environment.

More Questions?

If you have any other questions you can always send us an email at ShopKoreanIsAwesome@gmail.com or send us a message via our Facebook page.